Outside Mirrors

Steve Scalmanini sscalmanini at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 28 02:01:48 EDT 2004

 As I recall from a few years ago, the white plastic gizmo is like a small I-beam ~ 2-3 
inches long that runs diametrically between two holes on the inside of a plastic ring 
that the mirror attaches to.  The white beam is not available from dealers.  I had to 
buy a used mirror assembly (w/ no glass) just to get that one piece.  Cheaper than a 
new motor assy (893 959 577 ?) and since the part is inside the housing so doesn't age 
from direct sunlight, it should be good as new unless it's been sitting in a wrecking 
yard w/out the mirror for a lonnnnng time.  

Ukiah, CA


...broke the mirror and a small white plastic gismo behind it ...

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