first time 200 buyer has questions...

Mike Fitton rfitton at
Thu Apr 29 03:26:50 EDT 2004

Been lurking on here for a few days now.  I've been around VWs and Audis 
for a long time, so I speak most of the language, but I have some random 
200-specific questions.  The car I'm looking at has 63k on it, and 
recently had the 60k service done.

What tends to go wrong on these cars?  I'm used to the usual electrical 
bugs, but I don't know which ones are serious and which ones are just 
switch-cleaners.  I know about the rear speaker thing...the one I'm 
looking at has aftermarket speakers already.

Can I expect the UFO brakes?  Are they not as bad as everyone says they 
are?  Are they absolutely horrible?  If I wanted to change them, what 
are my options?

Any opinions on the TAP chip/wastegate spring setup?  What's stock 
boost, and what does this raise it to?

Can a 245/40-17 fit in there without body mods?  Any problems with an 8" 

What's the stock tire size?  I've seen both 205/60-15 and 215/60-15 quoted.

Are any swaybar upgrades available?

What sort of things should I check out on the test drive?  Can I get 
some details on the procedure for checking the bomb?  Is there a 
diagnostic mode for the MFA?

My urQ didn't seem to have any problems with locked diffs over 15mph, so 
why did Audi introduce that disengaging function on later cars?  Is 
there a way to defeat it?  Is it advisable (not thinking of dry road 
situations, but more like dirt/snow over 15mph situations for a little 
more sideways predictability)?

Is the AAN cyl head hardware compatible?  That is, can it be easily 
converted to coil on plug ignition with just the basic hardware and ECU 

How much can the stock clutch take if I avoid drop starts?  Any upgrade 
kits out there?

How sturdy are the engine mounts?

How much can the connecting rods handle safely?  Are there any other 
weak hardware links before 300-350bhp?

How valuable is the ADU IM?  Is one dropping $600 on a much better 
manifold or a Porsche logo?  Any chance the Sport Quattro manifold fits? 
  I'm sure it'll cost, but I like the idea of the throttle on the front.

I've heard of people using the 7A exhaust cam instead of the more 
expensive ADU exhaust cam.  Any comments?

I'm a little concerned about a single coil firing five cyls at 7000rpm. 
  By my math, that means just over 3.4ms between firings, and I'm 
concerned about such short coil dwell times approaching redline.  Do I 
have reason to be concerned, or am I being paranoid?

What's the flow rate on the 3B injectors?  AAN?  ADU?  What's the stock 
FPR set to?

Okay, that's all I can think of right now.  Thanks for all feedback, and 
I'm sure I'll have more in the future.


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