random error msgs

Stephen Marinelli steve at k2exoman.com
Thu Apr 29 03:29:27 EDT 2004

As of late, my '91 200q20v with 117k miles seems rather possessed. I 
currently have a hydraulic system leak, or two, and am getting this 
checked out tomorrow, in the meantime I have been keeping the hydraulic 
fluid reservoir full as it seems to be a very slow leak. Driving home 
tonight however, my brake/hydraulic sensor and my temperature sensor 
kept going off. its currently 60 degrees out, nighttime, my engine temp 
reads in the first three notches and the oil is barely registering, 
maybe 65c, bottom line is that the engine is cold. Could the temp 
sensor be activated by the hydraulic leak? Could there be a failed 
temperature sensor, is there one that is common? I stopped the car and 
shut it off, the fluid reservoir seemed to be within the right range. I 
restarted the vehicle and did not have either alert the rest of the way 
home. I am a very amateur mechanic and unsure what to check until i get 
it in the shop tomorrow afternoon. Please advise. thanks.

- Steve Marinelli

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