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What was your failing HC reading?  Was it close?

BTDT in my Coupe Q.  Connecticut allows 220 ppm of HC at idle; the Coupe was "blowing" 351 ppm at first test.  I changed the oil and filter about 10 minutes before retest, got the car nice and hot, and blew a 135 ppm.  Dirty oil can be a big HC emitter.



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Subject: Valve cover gasket replacement question/MA state emissions ?
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I need to change my valve cover gasket and looking at the job it appears I 
need to remove the throtle body, meaning I need to get a new IM to throtle 
body gasket.  Does anyone know the part ?

Also Mass residents, I seem to remember some talk a while back about failing 
MA emissions ( I did HC at idle), I don't recall seeing the resolution, I 
thought my car was running normally, all the usual tune up items were in 
good condition.  Were the cats bad?  I have seen stories in the paper 
recently regarding problems with the test method..but that doesn't change 
the enforcement policies or the fact that I now have to use a company 
vehicle to access my job...no vehicles allowed entrance with a reject 
sticker (found that out 6am on Monday).

Joshua Cummings
Woods Hole, MA
91 200 Avant

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