Minhea ECU questions

SuffolkD at aol.com SuffolkD at aol.com
Thu Apr 29 11:15:18 EDT 2004

Minhea did a group purchase last year with several of us.
AFAIK:  In the first batch, when Minhea ran out of chips, he used a 
"compatible" chip which when was installed, didn't work.  We got replacements and they 
Specifically, the chip media was the issue.

With the  2.5 bar transducer and 280HP chip I noticed a flat spot / pause 
around 4500RPM (from memory).  Minhea sent another map to us (~278HP) and the 
flat spot was gone.  I kept the flat spot chip since I've driven like 2,000 miles 
since the ECU upgrade.

Remember, this is a: disassemble the ECU and solder in a chip.  We have 
EXTENSIVE photos on how Peter did this.

For ~$250 I'd buy another for the Avant.
It works.......and the car flies.  Its unreal, except you need to check all 
the vacuum hoses and sensors to achieve full boost and potential of the chip.

Ned ("Q") at intendedacceleration.com 
and Scott Mockery's web site (MTM or other chip maker Lehmann?) are other 
options too.
For the price Minhea's my guy.
-Scott by BOSTON

> SKean at Alpinelodging.com
> With the first set of chips I received the engine wouldn't start.
> Mineah replaced them and I have the same problem with the second set.  I
> am waiting for a reply from Mineah.  He seems to care and I have no
> reason to think he won't set everything straight but he is slow to
> respond.  I have the 2.5 transducer installed and am getting a
> noticeable improvement in performance with that and the stock chips.
> Mineah says his chips will up the ante even more.  Wish I already had
> that.      -Steve

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