first time 200 buyer has questions...

Charles Baer charlie at
Thu Apr 29 15:56:16 EDT 2004

Fair warning guys, Mike's an urq list madman!

Some people report that relaying the DOT headlights makes them 
acceptable, but
you may find that inadequate compared to your H4s.

a few more comments interspersed below -

Mike Fitton wrote:

> Can a 245/40-17 fit in there without body mods?  Any problems with an 
> 8" wheel?

Several listers are running 17x8 ET35 wheels, 225/45 thru 255/40 with 
varying results depending
on alignment and the plastic parts in the rear wells.

> Are any swaybar upgrades available?

V8 part is a bolt-on +2mm upgrade.

> How sturdy are the engine mounts?

I always get the heebie-jeebies when Mike talks about how he broke his ;-O


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