Mineah C. upgrades

auditude at cox.net auditude at cox.net
Thu Apr 29 16:55:05 EDT 2004


You are running a 2.5 bar transducer with the stock chipset? I thought that would result in a suboptimal situation, since the scaling for the boost signal to the ecu would be wrong.

It seems odd that it would improve anything with that combination, but I suppose if the ecu thinks it's not achieving target boost, it might keep trying to get to that point and thereby increase the actual boost more than stock.  Hmm...

I agree it's hard to get a response from Mihnea sometimes.  Does anyone know when he's due to be in the U.S.?


Steve Kean SKean at Alpinelodging.com wrote:

With the first set of chips I received the engine wouldn't start.
Mineah replaced them and I have the same problem with the second set.  I
am waiting for a reply from Mineah.  He seems to care and I have no
reason to think he won't set everything straight but he is slow to
respond.  I have the 2.5 transducer installed and am getting a
noticeable improvement in performance with that and the stock chips.
Mineah says his chips will up the ante even more.  Wish I already had


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