Valve cover gasket replacement question

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Thu Apr 29 18:09:27 EDT 2004

Hmm, if you can get away with just removing the throttle body that wouldn't 
be too bad.  In the past when I did the job I wound up taking off the IM and 
just loosening the intake hose clamp.

A couple of other things I noticed is that the valve cover bolts are very 
soft and easy to break even with a torque wrench set to the property torque 
spec, and for me the place most prone to leakage is at those half moon 
things at the end of the cams.  In fact the half moons are leaking on my car 
again after replacing the gasket 60k ago and trying to use gasket sealer.

So there's where some of my oil goes, but thats not all of it.

Derek P

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Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 23:06:13 -0400
From: "Joshua C" <smuckycat at>
Subject: Valve cover gasket replacement question/MA state emissions ?
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I need to change my valve cover gasket and looking at the job it appears I
need to remove the throtle body, meaning I need to get a new IM to throtle
body gasket.  Does anyone know the part ?

Also Mass residents, I seem to remember some talk a while back about failing
MA emissions ( I did HC at idle), I don't recall seeing the resolution, I
thought my car was running normally, all the usual tune up items were in
good condition.  Were the cats bad?  I have seen stories in the paper
recently regarding problems with the test method..but that doesn't change
the enforcement policies or the fact that I now have to use a company
vehicle to access my vehicles allowed entrance with a reject
sticker (found that out 6am on Monday).

Joshua Cummings
Woods Hole, MA
91 200 Avant

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