center muffler

reesisright reesisright at
Fri Apr 30 02:22:40 EDT 2004

I'm finally reporting back having resolved (for now) what to use for a center muffler. After reading and digesting the groups posts, I was referred to a former local resisdent with vast expirience with exhaust systems in several 200q20v's and V8's, who had tried a number of options. He sent me to the shop that had done his work. I ended up replacing both mufflers, as the rear was on it's way out, too. Went with 2- 24" glasspacks and an Accellerator dual in/out muffler. I'm told it's a Dynomax knockoff. The pipes between the factory mufflers were in great shape and were reused with custom bends added to meet the front of the Accellerator. Dual tips were made to resemble the originals, but in the same 2.25" diameter as the rest of the system. Curious that the stock tips were smaller. Results? Well, Maybe it's the noise, but the car sure seems to have more power, to me. The sound is very smooth with no drones or raspiness from idle up. The only thing is, it's a bit loud for my taste. Might be great on the 'burban, but not for my luxury sport sedan. I can live with it, but will probably change the glasspacks in the future. Kind of fun, though. The shop did impressive work, with everthing beautifully mig welded together. Cost under $250. Thanks for the imput of all.


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