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Wed Aug 4 09:55:50 EDT 2004

So, the 200 is starting to show its age.  Looking for a little advice from the masses.  I just dropped it off at KTR Performance  to have them give it a good once over.  They came back with a shopping list to the tune of about $3K.  Some of it is just "could do", but not criticle.  If I trim the list down to "must do's" and "needs" for inspection and the like, I'm still looking at $2K.

I LOVE this car.  But, should I put this sort of time/money into it, or cut my losses and go look at a nice '94  S4 for sale in the $10K range?  What would you do?

On the list of "must", in my book:
- Replace torn CV boot
- Replace frozen rear brake caliper
- R&R Left outter tie rod end
- R&R real axle seal
- R&R rear suspension links
- Fix frayed/broken wiring to multi func temp switch.

On the nice to do list:
- R&R oil pan gasket
- R&R valve Cover gasket
- R&R distibutor (slight oil leak)
- R&R timing belt cover (cut out in top)
- Flush antifreeze
- Flush Pentosin

Paul Luevano
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Waltham, MA

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