And he walked away from it.

I.S. Gall isgall at
Thu Aug 5 20:36:37 EDT 2004

funnny thing, I actually bought those fuchs and that interior from
that car. thank Chris and the qlist for that.

But yeah, 4 years ago a type 44 saved my life too. Put one into a tree
at 50+ (supposedly?) sideways and 3 feet in the air. good thing I hit
the stone wall first or else I would have been completely crushed (hit
the tree with the drivers A pillar just about). From what I was told,
the dash was basically folded in half, and I had less than 6 inches of
legroom in the footwell.

Glad I had an airbag, and decided to put my belt on mid-way thru that
trip. Never did make that wedding I was going to tho.

anyone know how the newer Audi's would compare in similar accident? 

91 200q20v

On Wed, 04 Aug 2004 19:07:31 -0700, Ted Fisher <fisherwc at> wrote:
> Check out this link
> Shows an Audi type 44 (same as the 200) that got blasted head on at 50+.
> While the car was totaled, the driver walked away and surprising enough,
> the engine was still running.
> I now sell Porsches and one day one of the visiting engineers was
> talking about how they not only drive fast but some times they crash
> fast... so they (Germans) tend to design the cars to take it. Glad
> that's what I drive.

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