FPR->Fuel rail hose

Ken Keith auditude at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 23:19:07 EDT 2004

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net wrote:

At 5:42 PM -0700 8/6/04, Patrick Anderson wrote:
>Yes, 034 133 717 T is the part number. Carlson Audi WAS the only dealership
>that I could find on the west coast with the part. And I bought the only one
>they had. About $75 bucks.

Clair Parts Express sold one to me for (I'm almost positive) under 
$70; list price was $71?  I'll have to dig out the invoice.
   It was special order (almost everything is) but I picked it up the 
morning after I ordered it (you have to place the order before 11am 
for it to come in the next morning).  Same was true for the upper 
strut bushing.

Ken- make sure you get the two copper crush washers as well, they 
MUST be replaced.  BTDT, you can't reuse crush washers on fuel lines, 
it just doesn't work.  Best way to change the line is to undo the top 
banjo, remove the entire FPR and line together (two bolts, requires a 
socket+ratchet) and undo the line from the FPR.

Getting the new hose assembly up through the IM while on the FPR is a 
little tricky, but not impossible.  I found it easiest to adjust the 
hose position on the FPR with it out of the IM; it won't line up 
properly with the fuel rail unless it is positioned just so.  Not 
loosing the washers is also a little tricky when reinstalling the 
banjo bolt; thread the bolt through the fitting and hold the washers 
with a finger- and don't let go of them until you're positive the 
bolt is threaded into the fuel rail :-)

Oh, and sorry for not answering earlier emails, Ken- I wasn't around 
most of the day.

<end of quoted text, which looks unquoted because I copied and pasted
it into my webmail window from the list website>

Hi Brett,

No problem on the emails, I understand.  I know the list isn't
real-time anyway, despite the small flood of posts I tend to put out
when I first encounter a new challenge (help! my car payment-less plan
is backfiring again!).  =)

I think you paid $66, according to the post last month.
So, don't bother digging up the invoice.  But if you do, please do
post the part number to be for sure for sure.  I got some other
responses, but since you bought it only a few weeks ago and I assume
it's on the car by now, that's the recent horses mouth as far as I'm

I managed to get the repair done today.  I put the one from my donor
3B on there, and after seeing for myself that the crush washers
wouldn't seal as I suspected, I got some somewhat generic ones by
Bosch from BAP import parts.  Now it seems fuel-tight, which is how I
like it.

I have heard of a way to use a torch or something to anneal or
re-anneal crush washers to try to get them to work again, but I didn't
try it since I found some locally that work.

The replacement procedure wasn't bad at all.  I did it the same way
you suggested, and lining it up wasn't a problem as the longitudinal
part of the hard line is pretty much parallel with the axis of the two
FPR mounting bolts.  No muss, no fuss, no problem!  =D

The next stuff for the 200 is to pull codes to see why the CEL is on
constantly, adjust the miles-to-empty, eliminate the autocheck bulb
out warning due to the eurolights, ensure the shifter is adjusted
correctly once I borrow the factory tool, replace the screeching
starter, clean the clogged washer jets, see why the passenger window
rarely rolls up when I want it to, and I'm sure a handful of other
banal items to attend to.

On the more interesting side of things, I'm still waiting on some used
urS4/6 spring mounts and such so I can do the Eibach/Bilstein/2B
camber plate install, and some RS2 injectors/S6 head gasket and rod
bearings so I can put the RS2 EM and turbo on it and figure out some
tuning options.

I did get some 17" OZ Chrono's, but I'm selling those this weekend and
will have to get some other wheels to clear some big reds hopefully

I didn't realize you had to be logged in to view the Wanted ad I
posted on S2forum that I linked to before, sorry about that.  Here's a
link to the pics of the fuel line I took out and the one I replaced it
with.  You shouldn't have to log in to see this thread:


Pretty scary item I had in there, wouldn't you say?

I was so blessed that today was the day for my drive in the Coupe GT
with non-functioning a/c while the 200q20v was down.  It was monsoony
and relatively cool, altho' humid, compared to the 109f+ temps we've
been having here lately.  We only had a high of 95f today.

Not to mention being blessed by (finally) detecting the leak by the
smell of the fuel and not by the engine fire that could have happened.



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