Fuel gauge weirdness

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sat Aug 7 10:10:35 EDT 2004

You know how all the Audi fuel gauges take their time climbing up to
indicate the amount of fuel in the tank?  Yesterday I watched something
I've never seen before.  I started the car and saw the "E" warning
flashing.  I knew I'd filled the tank the day before and only driven about
80-100 miles, so the "E" really got my attention.  Especially since
replacing the leaking fuel tank a month or so ago was such a PITA.

Anyway, I kept watching the gauge and the warning sign as I headed around
the driveway loop, and I saw the "E" change to "20", indicating I was 20
miles away from "E".  By the time traffic had cleared so I could pull out
of the driveway, it read "30".  Then it quit flashing and the needle
finally got up to near the 3/4 full mark.

I had not parked the night before on my usual level spot, but rather had
parked with one front wheel up on an incline.  I wonder if that was the
reason for this unusual reporting behavior.

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