Rear Brakes

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Sun Aug 8 21:24:28 EDT 2004

Ok, I've got the Bernie method rear brake low pad indicator going.  Looks 
like the caliper is going to need some refurbishment as well as on the 
driver side rear, the inside pad is worn, but the outside pad has much life 
left.  I read through the information on rear calipers on Chris's site and 
it looks pretty straightforward.  Any other btdt that I might want to be 
warry of before I jump in? Seal or boot kits recomended to purchase?  Also 
looks like by cleaning everything up, I should get a functioning e-brake 
again, true?

Can someone confirm that even though this sounds really ugly, it's not going 
to damage the long as I don't let go like this for a long time?

Derek P

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