radiator fan not working properly

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Wed Aug 11 01:04:41 EDT 2004

At 9:45 PM -0700 8/10/04, Patrick Anderson wrote:
>OK here is the deal. I just rebuilt the head on my car and replaced 
>the radiator at the same time. Got it all back together but now my 
>radiator fan doesn't seem to cycle on and off to keep things cool. 
>The fan will come on when I turn on the A/C though. The fusible link 
>is OK and so is fuse #15 in the fuse box under the hood. Anybody 
>have any suggestions as to where to start on this problem? BTW, the 
>thermoswitch ( I think that is what you call it) in the bottom 
>passenger side of the radiator is only about a year old and is 
>plugged in. ANY help or suggestion is appreciated.

Jumper the connector, see if the fan comes on.  If it doesn't, well- 
probably a failed relay or wiring issue.

Oh, I think the resistor pack every once in a blue moon goes bad. 
It's a big plate thing in front of the radiator at the bottom of the 
compartment, with several heavy gauge wires coming off it.  The stage 
1 is run through the entire pack; stage 2 through half, and 
"hurricane mode" is straight battery voltage.

If the fan does come on, test the switch in a pan of water and a 
meter- Bentley has the open+close temps, I think.  If the switch 
fails to open at the right temps, replace.  Or, just replace anyway- 
I can't think of any failure save lack of coolant flow that would 
cause the switch to not see proper temps.

That should pretty much eliminate all potential causes...

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