losing coolant through exhaust

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Thu Aug 12 11:28:08 EDT 2004

Are you getting white smoke?  I think white tailpipe emissions signify
burnign coolant.  Somebody correct me if not.  Also, if you are burnign
coolant, I'd thnk you's be mixing coolant and oil somehow, too.  Check
you're oil and see if there are signs of coolant in there.  Check you
coolant and look for signs of oil in there.  Go for a drive then inspect the
engine bay and under while the car is hot and still running - look for a

That's what I'd do.

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Having more issues after rebuilding the head. Now that the car is pretty
much all back together I seem to be losing coolant. Initially I had thought
it was just coming from a loose coolant line to the turbo. So I snugged that
up and it doesn't seem to leak anymore. However, I noticed that I still seem
to be loosing some coolant. And there is more than a normal amount of
moisture coming out of the tailpipe. So I am just trying to come us with all
the possibilities to start checking. All gaskets were new when stuff was
reattached to the head, including the coolant manifold o rings and the other
odd shaped gasket. And obviously the headgasket is new. Anybody have any
BTDT or directions to go in. This car is really starting to aggravate me.
Thanks to all who responded to my post yesterday. They were most helpful and
I am pursuing those ideas.

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