Stock 200q20vt BBS wheels vs. urS4 wheels

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Thu Aug 12 13:21:34 EDT 2004

I think the S4 wheels might be a bit heavier.  Do you have UFO's?  If
so, you are already at somewhat of a disadvantage in the unsprung
weight dept.  The 16-inch tire in appropriate size would likely be
somewhat heavier also.

There will be more impact harshness as well.  This will be dependent
on the tire of choice.

The urS4 wheels are 40 offset whereas the stock BBS's are 35.  So
things will be tucked back inside the wheel well a tad more, but the
visual impact of that may be negated by the add'l width of the tire
and wheel.  I seem to recall that I could tell a little on my V8, but
it wasn't anywhere near looking bad or unusual.


On Thu, 12 Aug 2004 08:42:57 -0700, Steve Sprague <ssprague at> wrote:
> Hey All,
>        I'm looking at purchasing some tires for my pearl sedan.  In looking
> at new tires, I was thinking of going with some 16" urS4 wheels that have a
> set of tires with plenty of tread left.  I do like the look of the stock BBS
> wheels on the car but am always looking for an upgrade.  While looking in
> the Audifans Registry for other owners with the same wheel, most of the
> photos had cars with the stock wheels.
>        With my car, I'm looking for a nice ride, not too stiff and a low q
> factor.  I was trying to keep with factory wheels if possible and a 16"
> wheel is the most logical upgrade to keep the ride comfortable and not
> harsh.  The 16" BBS wheels seem hard to find if at all available.  So those
> were not considered.  I've had 17" wheels on my A2 Jetta 16v and it rode
> rough.  I like the ride of the 15's and 16's would be fine.
>        My question is, what are your opinions about going to the urS4
> wheels over the stock BBS.  Or stay with the stock BBS wheels.  Is there a
> reason, beyond financial, for you to prefer the stock wheels over a
> different wheel (specifically the urS4 wheel)?  This is more a vanity issue
> than a good or bad issue.  If you are an owner with the urS4 wheels, please
> email a current picture to me so I can see what my car could look like.  I
> saw a couple cars in the registry and if those owners could send photos at
> different angles, it would be greatly appreciated.
> You may send to me off list.  Thanks for your time.
> Steve
> Enjoying the car even more with the Euro's installed!
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