Stock 200q20vt BBS wheels vs. urS4 wheels

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Fri Aug 13 14:07:01 EDT 2004


Better not let me know where you live, lest your 16's may "sublimate."

But hmm, you did say you get tramlining with those wheels.  Another thing 
I've noticed, and mentioned this before, but the tires I'm now running 
really improved my tracking.  Went from some used Yokohoma AVS S4's (i 
think?) to Bridgestone RE 950's.

ptiypasi!  (new awkward acronym)

Derek P

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From: Ed Kellock <ekellock at>
Subject: Re: Stock 200q20vt BBS wheels vs. urS4 wheels
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On my V8, I switch between the stock 15x7.5 BBS wheels with 225/60-15
Dunlop SP5000's and my set of 16x8 euro-option BBS wheels with
225/50-16 Dunlop SP8000's.  Both sets of tires have a lot of tread
left.  Both sets of wheels have the same offset.

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