Stock 200q20vt BBS wheels vs. urS4 wheels

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Fri Aug 13 16:03:52 EDT 2004

But I don't smoke a pipe!  ;-)

I believe tread design can impact tramlining as well.  The SP8000's
have a much blockier tread pattern that the SP5000's.  I think the
main contributor are the longitudinal grooves.  If they are wide and
straight, then you have more edge area that can cause tramlining.

Guess I need to buy some wheel locks for those 16's now...


On Fri, 13 Aug 2004 11:06:58 -0700, Derek Pulvino <dbpulvino at> wrote:
> Ed,
> Better not let me know where you live, lest your 16's may "sublimate."
> But hmm, you did say you get tramlining with those wheels.  Another thing
> I've noticed, and mentioned this before, but the tires I'm now running
> really improved my tracking.  Went from some used Yokohoma AVS S4's (i
> think?) to Bridgestone RE 950's.
> ptiypasi!  (new awkward acronym)
> Derek P
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> On my V8, I switch between the stock 15x7.5 BBS wheels with 225/60-15
> Dunlop SP5000's and my set of 16x8 euro-option BBS wheels with
> 225/50-16 Dunlop SP8000's.  Both sets of tires have a lot of tread
> left.  Both sets of wheels have the same offset.
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