Stock 200q20vt BBS wheels vs. urS4 wheels

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Fri Aug 13 20:39:42 EDT 2004

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>Of the two culprits listed, more likely would be tires.  WRT alignment, 
>couldn't have been too terrible as replacing with the stock wheels and tires 
>helped tracking substantially.  The wheels came with Dunlop SP8000 that were 
>not quite to the wear bars, but close.  May have made a difference.
>Either way, it was a fight with me verse the freeway ruts.

I also had some mid life Dunlop SP8000's on the car when I bought it 
(mounted on 16" Ronals), and the drive home down I5 from Portland to the 
Oregon border area was quite an adventure in steering control!

The current skins are some Goodyear F1's, and I no longer have the 
tramlining I did (plus they are quiet and very grippy).  An alignment 
showed slight out of spec wrt toe-in, but not too bad at the time the 
tires were replaced. 

My only comparison is to the stock BBS with Haka's during winter months, 
and that's hardly a valid comparison.  However, the stock 15" BBS with 
Haka's beat the pants off the 16" Ronals with Z rated tires in snow 
(that was a scary trip)!

'91 200q20vAvant  (mine)
'01 allroad (Laura's tuna boat)

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