losing coolant through exhaust

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Sun Aug 15 23:46:12 EDT 2004

I see white misty exhaust from both the sedan and the Avant.
I'd swear its the humidity this year, but here's what I found:
The Sedan has a hairline crack in the plastic coolant cap, this is where I 
suspect the first loss of coolant has gone.
The Avant's still full, but only 1,000 miles or so......HTH  -Scott by BOSTON
My 10V had a headgasket leak.  Refilled lost coolant once a month

> From: "Alan Cordeiro" 
> Patrick,
> From experience I know you can lose coolant , and not mix with oil.
> ...had that problem....
> If the coolant is leaking through the head gasket, and if you run
> high boost for a long while, the coolant tank will overflow,
> or at least that what I kept noticing, along with the regular coolant
> fill-up.
> If boost of 1.8 for a few seconds  on a regular basis does not seem to
> cause the coolant to overflow out the tank cap, your leak may be
> somewhere else.
> Alan
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> From: "Brandon Rogers" 
> Subject: Re: losing coolant through exhaust
> > Are you getting white smoke?  I think white tailpipe emissions signify
> > burnign coolant.  Somebody correct me if not.  Also, if you are burnign
> > coolant, I'd thnk you's be mixing coolant and oil somehow, too.  Check
> > you're oil and see if there are signs of coolant in there.  Check you
> > coolant and look for signs of oil in there.  Go for a drive then inspect
> the engine bay and under while the car is hot and still running - look for a
> > leak.  That's what I'd do.    Brandon
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> > From: "Patrick Anderson" <>
>  Subject: losing coolant through exhaust
> >Having more issues after rebuilding the head. Now that the car is pretty
> > much all back together I seem to be losing coolant. Initially I had
> thought
> > it was just coming from a loose coolant line to the turbo. So I snugged
> that
> > up and it doesn't seem to leak anymore. However, I noticed that I still
> seem
> > to be loosing some coolant. And there is more than a normal amount of
> > moisture coming out of the tailpipe. So I am just trying to come us with
> all
> > the possibilities to start checking. All gaskets were new when stuff was
> > reattached to the head, including the coolant manifold o rings and the
> other
> > odd shaped gasket. And obviously the headgasket is new. Anybody have any
> > BTDT or directions to go in. This car is really starting to aggravate me.
> > Thanks to all who responded to my post yesterday. They were most helpful
> and
> >

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