Stock 200q20vt BBS wheels vs. urS4 wheels

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Mon Aug 16 23:16:20 EDT 2004


Glad to see you picked it up, but I guess it wasn't like breaking the 
Japanese code...

If it'll help you sleep better tonight, your wheels are not under iminent 
threat from me...not that wheel locks would help with sublimation.  If'n I'm 
in the market down the road, put a good mark on your wheels so if someone 
tries to sell them to me, I'll know were to return em after I a bust there 
head a bit ;)

...and maybe I should have done a couple more miles on those S4 wheels 
before putting them back on the market.  My loss, somebody else's gain.


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But I don't smoke a pipe!  ;-)

I believe tread design can impact tramlining as well.  The SP8000's
have a much blockier tread pattern that the SP5000's.  I think the
main contributor are the longitudinal grooves.  If they are wide and
straight, then you have more edge area that can cause tramlining.

Guess I need to buy some wheel locks for those 16's now...


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