Brakes again

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Mon Aug 16 23:24:44 EDT 2004

Ladies and gentlemen, herein we have one of the few exceptions to the 
dfiiiab adage.  Pay close heed as it could be eons until you see it again 
(rib, rib).

I mean, I never said the caliper was leaking, and it would seem that any 
compromised function of the guide pin is independent of the inner workings 
of the caliper.


>These guide pins have 3 flats on their diameter to allow for displaced air
>and/or grease to escape as the pin moves into the blind hole in the 
>Therefore, penetrating oil should be able to easily flow down the pin if
>held in a vertical position.  Soak it, and then don't be timid with a 
>on its hex head.
>Have you ever, or how long has it been since you last flushed the brake
>fluid?  Dito, rebuilt all calipers?  If you have a frozen guide pin with an
>in tact boot, I can guess the answer!

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