Brakes again

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Tue Aug 17 12:45:17 EDT 2004

Curious why you're stating the caliper should be serviced concurrently.  Is 
there a prescribed maintenance interval?  If so, is that (maint. interval) 
the basis of your recomendation for rebuilding the caliper, otherwise I'm 
not sure how a problem at the guide pin would lead to a problem within the 
caliper, especially when there is no external visual indication of caliper 

Also, does anybody have a good solution for turning the piston into the 
caliper short of buying the special tool?


>I implied/stated that, if the guide pins were a problem with their boots
>intact, most probabily the caliper internals were likewise a problem,
>inasmuch as these two are/should be serviced together.  DFI if IAB, but do
>it right when necessary!
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> > Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 20:20:03 -0700
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> > Subject: Re: Brakes again
> >
> > Ladies and gentlemen, herein we have one of the few exceptions to the
> > dfiiiab adage.  Pay close heed as it could be eons until you see it 
> > (rib, rib).
> >
> > I mean, I never said the caliper was leaking, and it would seem that any
> > compromised function of the guide pin is independent of the inner 
> > of the caliper.
> >
> > dp
> >
> >

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