Seat heater fix

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Tue Aug 17 14:59:46 EDT 2004

Isn't the usual failure of the heater wire that it burns and breaks?
Shouldn't that result in a lack of continuity from the power supply part of
the connector on the seat to the ground part of the circuit?  I'm thinking
test with an ohm meter?

At 11:12 AM 8/17/2004 -0600, andy wrote:
>I am trying to troubleshoot the driver's seat heater. I tried using info on 
>scot's site to no avail. I located the green connector under the seat, and 
>was unable to get a circuit tester to light on the appropriate pin, or any 
>other pin on the connector w/ the switch on and ignition on. To make a long 
>story short I swapped relays and they both seem good because the passenger 
>side works fine w/ either. I can hear the relay activating when I turn the 
>switch on for the driver's side. I would like to know how to determine if it 
>is the seat wire element, as I suspect, or wiring elsewhere. It would seem 
>if I can hear the relay that the switch and relay are fine. Any help?
>thanx a ton for all the help lately, I mostly lurk and the advice I have 
>gotten has really saved me some money. 
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