Seat heater fix

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Wed Aug 18 11:42:49 EDT 2004


That is the common trouble spot, and I'd say correct way of troubleshooting. 
  For what it's worth, everytime I've had my heated seat go out, I've 
skipped the troubleshooting and went in with the soldering iron, and 
everytime (three times) that was the problem.

I've heard that you could buy replacement heater elements, but I was never 
able to figure out who or where from.

Derek P

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Isn't the usual failure of the heater wire that it burns and breaks?
Shouldn't that result in a lack of continuity from the power supply part of
the connector on the seat to the ground part of the circuit?  I'm thinking
test with an ohm meter?

At 11:12 AM 8/17/2004 -0600, andy wrote:
>I am trying to troubleshoot the driver's seat heater. I tried using info on 
>scot's site to no avail. I located the green connector under the seat, and 
>was unable to get a circuit tester to light on the appropriate pin, or any 
>other pin on the connector w/ the switch on and ignition on. To make a long 
>story short I swapped relays and they both seem good because the passenger 
>side works fine w/ either. I can hear the relay activating when I turn the 
>switch on for the driver's side. I would like to know how to determine if 
>it is the seat wire element, as I suspect, or wiring elsewhere. It would 
>seem if I can hear the relay that the switch and relay are fine. Any help?
>thanx a ton for all the help lately, I mostly lurk and the advice I have 
>gotten has really saved me some money. andy

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