Brakes Again

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Wed Aug 18 11:49:06 EDT 2004

Thanks for all the suggestions.  Went in last night to put some penetrating 
oil on the pin, and now I'll let it soak for a while.

As to turning the piston, was able to use a very big flathead screwdriver.  
Engaged in the outer slots of the piston, and turned just fine.  Looks like 
I'll be replacing a rotor on this side as well as the inner running surface 
is pretty well scored.

>From now on, visual inspection as by the time I started hearing noise (aka 
bernie low pad indicator) I think it was too late.  I was always wondering 
how the rear pads wore so slowly.  I guess now I know, the visible one 
wasn't doing the brunt of the work.

Derek P

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>Also, does anybody have a good solution for turning the piston into the
>caliper short of buying the special tool?
>Needle Nose Pliers always worked for me.  Turn and push, then turn and
>-- Tom

I've done rear brakes several times and just opened the bleeder valve and
pushed the piston back in.. Never have had to turn one in.


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