LoJack System Removal?

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Wed Aug 18 23:29:03 EDT 2004

Why would you want to remove it?

If you don't pay the fees, you just don't have any monitoring going on.

You'd have to take the car to a LoJack dealer and see if they can remove
I don't think there are readily available diagrams to remove this
otherwise what would be the point of it?

That's why my Audi has a very non-standard alarm system in it, so that
thieves will have a difficult time figuring out where the system is


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Howdy Listers,

Wondering if anyone has any experience in the removal of a LoJack
Advice? Diagrams? Etc.?
Recently purchased a "non-Audi" with a system installed.  No longer a 
subscribing member & would like to remove it.  Before I get any
'hate-mail", I'll 
apologize for the non-20v nature of the request - but I respect the 
knowledge-base here & thought I'd give it a go....  Only looking for
anything to be aware 
of when removing - don't want to disable anything in the vehicle upon

As always, TIA.

Chris Hemberger
Amston, CT
200q-20V Avant
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