Fw: Cruise control troubleshooting?

Steve Scalmanini sscalmanini at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 19 04:35:03 EDT 2004

That rod end fits loosly through a plastic grommet/bushing that in turn fits into a 3/4 round hole (1/4 missing to enable installation of the grommet) in a sheet metal doohickey that is part of the actuator (vacuum bellows.)  That grommet breaks apart with age and puls out of the sheet metal part.  If that's the problem, the P/N for the grommet is not in ETKA for our 200s but it is for later model 100s.  (There's also a post with the P/N from a few yeas ago if you search the archive.)  I had to replace mine just a month ago.  The loose end of the connecting rod was actually sticking the accelerator between 2K & 3K RPM.  

Ukiah, CA 

Andy the one in the sedan doesn't work either.
I noticed in the enginee bay, a rod at goes down to a vacuum bellow under the 
Intake Manifold.  The rod end popped out of the rubber boot end of the vacuum 
Possibly an easy fix.
-Scott by BOSTON---
> From: "andy" 
> I have an inoperative cruise control. I have checked the pedal switches and 
> they appear to operate normally. What is the common culprit on this issue? 
> Where should I start? thanx in advance.
> andy

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