O2 Sensor

Ken Keith auditude at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 11:25:23 EDT 2004

Such a timely list!

I the check engine light on my 200q20v turned out to be for a 2341
code, which supposedly is the o2 sensor and other stuff.  I already
suspected it, since it used to oscillate engine power levels at part
throttle as if the sensor was slow, and then it stopped doing that and
the CEL started consistently staying on.

So after I pulled the code, just the other day, I swapped in a used o2
sensor that I had.  Now the CEL is out, but the slow oscillating thing
is back again.  So I figure I have a dying slow one in there now, and
need to get a new one.

The swap was much easier than I anticipated.  I used some PB Blaster,
but I don't think it was even needed.  The sensor I removed had a
super-long harness on it, and the current one is much shorter, barely
making the distance.  Is the correct one super-long?


Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com 

...and lastly, has anybody else seen an oxygen sensor code thrown on their 
cars?  According to the cheat sheet from SJM, the code indicates wiring, 
sensor, or heating element problems (I think it was 2322, so not exceedandce 

I'm guessing the oxygen sensor is about due for replacement (about 3-years 
old), just wasn't aware that the Mototronic was set up to know/sense when 
the sensor is not working right.

derek p

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