UFO guide pins

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Thu Aug 19 20:52:52 EDT 2004

What am I missing?  The UFO calipers seem to have the guide pins 
pressed in and inaccessible for the purposes of 
disassembly/cleaning/inspection/relubing; after removing the cap on 
the end of the bottom pin, I expected to find an allen key or 
similar, but no- nothing. The top guide pin has a boot, but the 
bottom one has no boot (?!)

The Bentley says "replace caliper", which is absurd.  Archive search 
turned up nothing, same with Chris's repairs page.

Will I have to be content with peeling back the upper guide pin's 
boot and squirting some new grease in?  And what the heck is the 
point of the rubber cap bit for the lower pin?  Is that supposed to 
be full of grease?

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