UFO guide pins

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Thu Aug 19 21:25:55 EDT 2004

At 5:16 PM -0400 8/19/04, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>What am I missing?  The UFO calipers seem to have the guide pins 
>pressed in and inaccessible for the purposes of 

Nevermind...I figured out how to get them apart. Duh, the boot on the 
big pin.  I don't know why I thought it would be different from the 
way the rears work.  Of course I nicked it despite being exceedingly 
careful...hopefully a little superglue or something will fix that up 
(Peter has suggested the "dip" stuff for coating wires, tool handles, 
etc).  Might give it a shot if the temp rating is high enough.

Well, that's that. But I still can't figure out why the heck the 
lower guide pin has no grease, boot, etc- although it does look 
slightly superficial compared to the upper guide....uh..."pin"... 
Yikes, it's big...

Anyone know if the boot is available separately?  Looks about ready 
to throw in the towel.

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