Wheels Rims WAS: RE: 17x8", 32mm offset?

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Fri Aug 20 01:03:51 EDT 2004

The wheel clearance issue would be specific to that wheel, of course.
My AZEVs and Oettingers clear my brakes w/o any problems.

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I run knock off (copies) of the '97 A4 wheel in 17" x 8 I think.  No
idea of the offset.  They work like Taka's do. 
One word of caution: 
Mine sat so flush on the UFO's we couldn't decide whether the alloy rim
was flush seated on the hub, or the UFO's..................... so we
tossed in a 5mm spacer, and things are still okay (clearance on the
fenders.  Stock suspension height. 
225/45/17" tires 
HTH - Scott by BOSTON 

From: "TM" 
I've run 17x8 ET30 wheels in the front w/o any problems, with 
255/40R17 tires. 

I don't know if ET30 would clear the rear fenderwells, but doing 
a test-fit with just the rim appeared fine. 


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Does anyone know how suitable some wheels would be for the 200q20v if 
the size was 17x8", with a 32mm offset? 



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