Wheels Rims WAS: RE: 17x8", 32mm offset?

Ken Keith auditude at gmail.com
Fri Aug 20 10:48:46 EDT 2004

I would rather have the flat part of the mounting face be the point of
contact rather than the spoke of the wheels against the brake rotor! 
But it's true it wouldn't be the same kind of problem as a traditional
caliper touching the wheel.

I guess if you didn't want to use spacers, you would use some of that
plastigage or something to try to determine what's hitting first or

Did I ever tell you the story of a friend of mine who back in the day
wanted to increase the offset on his chrome Momo Quasars so they would
tuck under the fenders of his 90q20v better, so he ground away at the
back of the wheel with an angle grinder?  The front right came off
while on the road and did some nice damage to the fender.  Hindsight
is 20/20. =P  I think my foresight would've predicted what happened
had I known what he was going to do tho'.

We were all much younger back then.  Ever had an urq bumper shoot out
the front upon braking, because you took the bolts out and pushed it
back for the euro-look?  =D  lol, neither of those instances were me,
altho' I've had my share too.


On Fri, 20 Aug 2004 10:15:12 -0400, Phil Rose <pjrose at frontiernet.net> wrote:
> At 10:38 PM -0400 8/19/04, SuffolkD at aol.com wrote:
> >I run knock off (copies) of the '97 A4 wheel in 17" x 8 I think.  No idea of
> >the offset.  They work like Taka's do.
> >One word of caution:
> >Mine sat so flush on the UFO's we couldn't decide whether the alloy rim was
> >flush seated on the hub, or the UFO's...
> You're implying then that your UFO rotors are _not_ rigidly fixed to
> the hub. So do you just throw out an anchor to slow down your car? ;-)
> Phil
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