Wheels Rims WAS: RE: 17x8", 32mm offset?

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Fri Aug 20 12:42:50 EDT 2004

Here's some choices from my sedan and avant, both on lower (-1.5")
springs.  Brakes are 1st gen BIRA System 6 on the sedan, avant has the
later Sys6 (5mm farther inboard that the early flavor).

- sedan: 225/45 AVS Sports, SSR Integral 17x8 ET38, 5mm spacers
- avant: 245/40 S-03s, same SSR Integrals w/o the spacers
- sedan; same AVS Sports on OZ Chrono 17x8, and NO spacers!

The Yokos have a substantial lip guard, and the first (AVS+SSR) setup
would rub sometimes when backing up with the steering cranked over.


Ken Keith wrote:

>Well I pulled the trigger on them, so I'll be able to report back when
>I get them on.  I am a little concerned if they will be able to clear
>a big red/rs2/a8l brake setup that I'd like to get, but I'll have to
>see.  I have G60's on the car currently.
>Btw, I like Taka's taste in wheels! =)
>Any suggestions on tires?  My criteria are that they have decent
>treadwear, aren't noisy (in the corners is what I mean specifically),
>and not terribly expensive.  A "lip guard" molded into them would be
>nice too.  I don't think I need the highest performing tire.  Comfort
>and weight are considerations if I can be that picky.

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