Best Gas Mileage in a 200?

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Fri Aug 20 16:37:03 EDT 2004

Paul and Mike,

I routinely get between 28 and 32 measured MPG dependant upon conditions,
town/highway, AC on/off, light foot,thin wallet, working on bottom quarter
of tank (full tank weighs 145lbs).  Big mileage boosters are alignment, near
zero toe and camber, and tire pressure, stock 215-60s at 40 psi cold.


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> Subject: Best Gas Mileage in a 200?
> After driving extremely conservatively for a period of eight days I achieved
> the following and was wondering what high gas mileage figures other folks are
> able to get.  Trips were normal commuting, some around town errands and a 90
> mile round trip to the lake house.  Passengers were my tool box and the
> occasional german shepard/husky mutt.  In a "normal" week I get between
> 22.8-25 MPG depending on all kinds of factors.  The following conservative
> driving yielded an extra 67 miles... granted, boring miles, but got close to
> two "free" round trips to the office, or almost 3 gallons of high test.
> Total Miles on one tank: 518.7
> MPG according to trip computer: 26.4
> MPG manually calculated: 27.75
> Avg. MPH according to trip computer: 38
> Avg. MPH manually calculated: 38.9
> Hours and minutes: 13.33
> Total Gallons used, filled up at same station at same pump: 18.69.
> Odometer is accurate, speedo understates about 3% (normal range).
> Car is a '91 200 Wagon with 61,000 miles. Oil: Mobil 1 20w-50 has about 1000
> miles on it, and car is chipped.  Tires are Michelin MXVs at recommended
> pressures. Probably got "into" the boost only 3 or 4 times during the entire
> week, and admittedly used every opportunity to save gas including not running
> the A/C except for a few minutes.  It's been cool in the northeast.  -Most-
> driving was also done during the day with temps in the 60's to low 80's and
> without lights on. Save the lectures about running the tank nearly dry.
> Thanks.   
> Paul Royal
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