Best Gas Mileage in a 200?

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Sat Aug 21 00:11:46 EDT 2004

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From: "Bernie Benz" <b.benz at>

> Paul and Mike,
> I routinely get between 28 and 32 measured MPG dependant upon conditions,
> town/highway, AC on/off, light foot,thin wallet, working on bottom quarter
> of tank (full tank weighs 145lbs).  Big mileage boosters are alignment,
> zero toe and camber, and tire pressure, stock 215-60s at 40 psi cold.
> Bernie


You must have a lighter foot than I normally. I have no problem cruising
70mph the 80 miles to Missoula and getting 28mpg. My current 200 ( the 2nd
one) gets about 8%-10% better mileage than my 1st one. Both run/ran Mobil 1
15w50. The current one has 225/16/50's vs 225/15/60's. The 1st one got about
24.5 from home to Spokane on many occasions and the current one gets about
26 - driven the same way.

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