Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Mon Aug 23 11:49:28 EDT 2004

Ok, here's my learning from this glorious task which appartently is not over 

- Even with having been soaked in penetrating oil for several days, it is 
still possible to twist a guide pin to it's demise.  Of course, when you 
have such Arnoldian strength as I, you should expect nothing less.

- Due to the use of non-vented rotors on some t44's, the caliper guide is 
not necesarily transplantable even though the bolt centerlines are.

- It's quite commone for the lower guide pin to freeze up, as both were in 
said condition at the time of my reconditioning, even with in tact boots.

-Doing brakes in the rain is a wicked p.i.a., but sometimes the end 
justifies the means (like when you don't have a spare car anymore).

And now my last question.  In Jeopordian fashion, I think the answer will be 
one of two things:

- Your ebrake cables are binding; or
- You need to refurbish the caliper.

So what's my question?

If you guessed "why are me brakes dragging," then you are correct.  Can 
anybody verify my thesis with btdt?

Derek Pulvino

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