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Mon Aug 23 18:21:12 EDT 2004

At 8:49 AM -0700 8/23/04, Derek Pulvino wrote:
>- Your ebrake cables are binding; or
>- You need to refurbish the caliper.
>So what's my question?
>If you guessed "why are me brakes dragging," then you are correct. 
>Can anybody verify my thesis with btdt?

Both the condition of the cables _and_ the ability of the calipers' 
lever/spring to move properly can be established once they are 
decoupled--merely by disconnecting the cable ends from the caliper 
levers. It is very likely that the cables _are_ frozen unless they've 
been replaced within a moderate number of years (less than 6 or 7??). 
It's not possible to suggest a reasonable "lifetime" for _your_ 
cables since we are such a secretive group (about our locations), so 
I don't know if your car is being driven in a corrosive environment. 
Unless you're in the sun-belt (and your car has a known history), 
there's a very good possibility that the cables are frozen, so I 
wouldn't go to the bother of rebuilding the caliper e-brake mechanism 
until I was certain of the cable condition. I installed new rear 
calipers only to find that it didn't help much with e-brake release. 
Subsequent installation of new cables made the system work like new 
(which of course it was by then).

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