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Mon Aug 23 21:21:22 EDT 2004

it is pretty easy to see if it is the ebrakes hanging up> set ebrake and 
release.  Go to back of car and see if return springs are resting against 
their stops or not.  If not (likely) remove ebrake from offending caliper 
and see if cable moves freely and if return spring returns without cable. 
(if you slacken adjusting nut from the ebrake eye rod that passes from the 
ebrake handle underneath the car to the top of the drive shaft, you can 
remove the cable from the caliper without removing any other parts, BTDT 
this weekend!)  Cables are cheap ~$25-$30@ but a real PITA, IMHO to replace.
CAlipers are pricey, but a sinch to replace (thanks Chris at 
$250pr incl pads&carriers!)
keep us posted
PS undoubtedly something is hanging.  A nice 12" screwdriver will lever the 
ebrake springs back against their stops til you can fix them!

From: "Derek Pulvino" <dbpulvino at>
Subject: after

And now my last question.  In Jeopordian fashion, I think the answer will be
one of two things:

- Your ebrake cables are binding; or
- You need to refurbish the caliper.

So what's my question?

If you guessed "why are me brakes dragging," then you are correct.  Can
anybody verify my thesis with btdt?

Derek Pulvino

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