SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Tue Aug 24 10:16:53 EDT 2004

Phil & listers:
Its been explained to me as the MC seals swell from the heat from the 
My pedal will drop resistance free an inch, then take up normal braking 
OR be rock solid the entire travel when the brakes are dragging (from the 

Interestingly, its solely temperature related.  80 plus ambient with engine 
temp in the middle.

The last ten feet or rolling to a stop is the tell tale sign.  Either the car 
rolls back and forth after stopping, or the car grabs and holds position.

Temp fix is to do-rag the MC soaked in water, avoid stop and go traffic.
-Scott by BOSTON

> >I'm sorry, Derek (says Alex) but the answer can be........the brake master
> >cylinder. Experiencing it right now.
> It must be "going around"--on Sunday, our red car's brake pedal began 
> to sink steadily towards the floor (several inches of movement) 
> during steady application of the brakes. My initial diagnosis is a 
> failing master cylinder.

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