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At 9:31 AM -0400 8/24/04, Phil Rose wrote:
>At 10:59 PM -0400 8/23/04, SuffolkD at wrote:
>>I'm sorry, Derek (says Alex) but the answer can be........the brake master
>>Experiencing it right now.
>It must be "going around"--on Sunday, our red car's brake pedal 
>began to sink steadily towards the floor (several inches of 
>movement) during steady application of the brakes. My initial 
>diagnosis is a failing master cylinder.

Nope, it turns out _not_ to be the MC. So much for "initial 
diagnoses"! Further study a few moments ago reveals that there is a 
leak in the steel brakeline heading toward the driver's side rear 
caliper. The leak seems to be in the section of line that runs toward 
the center of the car (behind the trunk/axel). Is that line a single, 
continuous piece from the caliper all the way to the engine bay? 
Isn't the proportioning valve in there somewhere?


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