Bernie Benz b.benz at
Tue Aug 24 10:35:58 EDT 2004

Bleed ALL of the air out of the system, Scott.

> From: SuffolkD at
> Phil & listers:
> Its been explained to me as the MC seals swell from the heat from the
> radiator.
> My pedal will drop resistance free an inch, then take up normal braking
> duties.
> OR be rock solid the entire travel when the brakes are dragging (from the
> heat).
> Interestingly, its solely temperature related.  80 plus ambient with engine
> temp in the middle.
> The last ten feet or rolling to a stop is the tell tale sign.  Either the car
> rolls back and forth after stopping, or the car grabs and holds position.
> Temp fix is to do-rag the MC soaked in water, avoid stop and go traffic.
> -Scott by BOSTON

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