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At 10:29 AM -0400 8/24/04, Phil Rose wrote:
>At 9:31 AM -0400 8/24/04, Phil Rose wrote:
>>At 10:59 PM -0400 8/23/04, SuffolkD at wrote:
>>>I'm sorry, Derek (says Alex) but the answer can be........the brake master
>>>Experiencing it right now.
>>It must be "going around"--on Sunday, our red car's brake pedal 
>>began to sink steadily towards the floor (several inches of 
>>movement) during steady application of the brakes. My initial 
>>diagnosis is a failing master cylinder.
>Nope, it turns out _not_ to be the MC. So much for "initial 
>diagnoses"! Further study a few moments ago reveals that there is a 
>leak in the steel brakeline heading toward the driver's side rear 
>caliper. The leak seems to be in the section of line that runs 
>toward the center of the car (behind the trunk/axel). Is that line a 
>single, continuous piece from the caliper all the way to the engine 
>bay? Isn't the proportioning valve in there somewhere?

 From what I can see in the Family Album, the piece of line in 
question is a section (it's item "19" in illustration 56-00) with 
absolutely _no_ part number, but having the notation "shorten to 222 
mm". So  I assume this section is meant to be replaced by simply 
using some brakeline that is cut, bent and flared as required?


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