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Bleeding Air out of the system HAS absolutely nothing to do with it Bernie.  
Why would heating "air" have anything to cause brake drag.  That's about as 
useful as considering air to be a beneficial aid in applying brake pedal 
pressure to the calipers in a hydraulic system.
Not a symptom.
Not the answer.
These MC's are replaced in high mileage cars.  Seals, scored pistons from 
crud build-up, failures, whatever the reason.
Air gives a spongey pedal and inferior braking performance. Not increased 
performance when hot (like you suggest) from my post:
"Phil & listers:
Its been explained to me as the MC seals swell from the heat from the 
My pedal will drop resistance free an inch, then take up normal braking 
OR be rock solid the entire travel when the brakes are dragging (from the 

Interestingly, its solely temperature related.  80 plus ambient with engine 
temp in the middle.

The last ten feet or rolling to a stop is the tell tale sign.  Either the car 
rolls back and forth after stopping, or the car grabs and holds position.

Temp fix is to do-rag the MC soaked in water, avoid stop and go traffic.
-Scott by BOSTON"

Symptom:  ALL FOUR brakes drag when the radiator fan is blowing HOT air on 
the MC and under hood temps get really high.
No two ways about it, when it cools under there, the brakes no longer "drag".
Its NOT a single line subject to manifold or turbo heat.

Phil has traced his soft pedal to a leak on his hard line under the car.  
Reasonable cause/explaination given "his" symptoms.

Unfortunately, I've been experimenting with this for months now.
Park the car HOT and dragging, let cool and then I can roll the car by hand 
on a level surface. - Scott by BOSTON

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