Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Tue Aug 24 14:39:08 EDT 2004

>This is what I discovered; I'm having an issue with the passenger side 
>e-brake cable binding within the housing, along with the the e-brake 
>mechanism binding in the caliper as well.  The return spring does not have 
>enough force to twist the activating mechanism (on the caliper) alone, mush 
>less the mechanism with the cable.
>And looking at the Bentley, I'm guessing the hard part about the cable 
>replacment is attaching it to the rod that comes off of the handle?

Um, not so much in my experience.  Pass side entails removing more under 
body panels than left side.  Unless you have hands the size of an infant, 
getting the retaining clip back onto the cable was my cussing moment.  (in 
the immortal words of Bentley, reinstall is the rervse of removal) You can 
"easily" get the retaining clips off bu tugging on them with a hook, putting 
them back is like pushing on a string.  As I maintain, Audis were not put 
together with ease of service in mind.  In the end I used E clips, much 
easier to replace with a tool.  FWIW I also lightly grease the end boots of 
the new ebrake cable.

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