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Tue Aug 24 15:17:55 EDT 2004

At 11:14 AM -0400 8/24/04, Phil Rose wrote:
>From what I can see in the Family Album, the piece of line in 
>question is a section (it's item "19" in illustration 56-00) with 
>absolutely _no_ part number, but having the notation "shorten to 222 
>mm". So  I assume this section is meant to be replaced by simply 
>using some brakeline that is cut, bent and flared as required?

A closer looks shows thatthe section of leaking brakeline 
--unfortunately-- is the _next_ one over (191 611 994F) which 
connects up to the brake pressure regulator. The regulator looks to 
be a very tight place to work on and what's even worse is the 
extremely corroded condition of the regulator and of the brakeline 
fitting going to it. I wonder if replacing the regulator will be 
necessary--is this a common problem area?


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