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Wed Aug 25 00:06:17 EDT 2004

"Oh, the myth of (unreasonabe) expectations!  It'll last forever, following
my suggestions."
My 4000Q came close in the real world: 400K .
I got it at 78K so I can't claim original.
HOWEVER, the 200 20V is the first clutch I ever replaced.  I nursed the 
whirring for 20K, but the vibration lasted a few weeks.
The LAST vibration was a shift from 4th to 5th.  Then it WOULD NOT disengage.
That's RIGHT..... 25 MPH into a RED traffic light at the end fo the off ramp 
25 miles later. 

Here's my suggestion.  
Buy a Sachs kit ~$300  
Find a knowledgable guy who will do it for around $700  I'll suggest one in 
When the car craps out..............tow from there ONLY. 
Don't try every angle on getting a few more miles closer to home. Here's why:

Sure I made it into 3rd on a downhill from a gas station, then quick shift 
into 4th for 105 miles on the highway NON stop......thru (Ez pass) tolls 
Now that mines fixed (properly), its come to light that I WORE OUT THE 
Synchro "coaxing" the shifter into third getting the car rolling.
Now its 2nd to 4th shifts or tear it down again to get into the gear 

BTW:  Sure, I can match the engine speed and road speed to non clutch into 
Just not that "Streetable"
-Scott by BOSTON
> Peter wrote:
> Hi guys.
> Last week my clutch pedal started to vibrate when foot pressure is applied 
> until the clutch is engaged.  It does it about 80% of the time.  The clutch 
> engages smoothly and does not slip or chatter.  More recently I can hear a 
> little 
> whirling noise under the same circumstances.  I presume it is the throw out 
> bearing going bad.
> So my question is how long can I drive it before it strands me? 
> 178k miles on the original clutch.
> Thanks
> Pete
> 91 Avant 

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