Brake upgrade questions

Mike Sylvester msylvester at
Fri Aug 27 12:08:02 EDT 2004


Before you go and spend crazy money upgrading your brakes have you verified
that your control arm bushings are OK?
If you have any slop in the inner or outer lower control arm bushings the
slightest shimmy in the brakes will be amplified.  BTDT.

If you are not going to track the car, UFOs are plenty of brakes.  There
shouldn't be any worry of warping good UFO rotors in normal street driving.

Mike Sylvester

All this rear brake stuff of late, got me to thinking about the them
[they're fine after a new boot kit] and the fronts. I have UFO's which work
well, a
bit of a shimmy above 70, but, upon close inspection, the passenger side
piston boot had 2 tears [I sealed with RTV] and both rotors are probably 10k
the grave [much higher wear on both inners], so.....I've been to BIRA and
they suggest a pair of Porsche 996 4 piston monobloc calipers mated to
V12 320mm by 30mm rotors. They claim it's a completely bolt on modification
[with 16" or larger wheels]. Does anyone have experience with this mod, or
 other mod that works well? Does anyone know where to acquire the parts they
recommend ? The way I see it, with new UFO rotors running a least $200+ea.
[their impending warping included], I'd be better off putting the money
a  solid, conventional system. I plan on keeping the car for many years. Any
insight you folks could provide is appreciated!!!


Bob Bade   Franklin, Wi    91  200q20v     97k

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