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Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Fri Aug 27 12:20:46 EDT 2004

I took my car  to Thunderhill in Jan. for the Audi club function. I did 
not have any problems with my UFO's. In reading about problems with the 
UFO's they tend to create the warp when coming to a stop hot. I made a 
point of using the cool down lap to ride around w/o touching the brakes 
unless I really had to and  I would go for cruise down the road to cool 
the engine and the brakes down. I also try not to come to really hard 
complete stops when I will have to sit at a light with the brakes 
applied. This tends to cool the rotors unevenly causing the warp 
problem, if I have no choice I will pull the E brake and release the brakes.
So Far So Good

Chuck Pierce
91 200tq 20v Avant

Mike Sylvester wrote:

>Before you go and spend crazy money upgrading your brakes have you verified
>that your control arm bushings are OK?
>If you have any slop in the inner or outer lower control arm bushings the
>slightest shimmy in the brakes will be amplified.  BTDT.
>If you are not going to track the car, UFOs are plenty of brakes.  There
>shouldn't be any worry of warping good UFO rotors in normal street driving.
>Mike Sylvester
>All this rear brake stuff of late, got me to thinking about the them
>[they're fine after a new boot kit] and the fronts. I have UFO's which work
>well, a
>bit of a shimmy above 70, but, upon close inspection, the passenger side
>piston boot had 2 tears [I sealed with RTV] and both rotors are probably 10k
>the grave [much higher wear on both inners], so.....I've been to BIRA and
>they suggest a pair of Porsche 996 4 piston monobloc calipers mated to
>V12 320mm by 30mm rotors. They claim it's a completely bolt on modification
>[with 16" or larger wheels]. Does anyone have experience with this mod, or
> other mod that works well? Does anyone know where to acquire the parts they
>recommend ? The way I see it, with new UFO rotors running a least $200+ea.
>[their impending warping included], I'd be better off putting the money
>a  solid, conventional system. I plan on keeping the car for many years. Any
>insight you folks could provide is appreciated!!!
>Bob Bade   Franklin, Wi    91  200q20v     97k
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